APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers APPG - 2021 2
Chairman’s Introduction 3
What do MPs and politicians say about the Government’s 2030 new fossil fuelled vehicle sales ban and the push for us all to drive electric 4
Contents 8
Background 10
This report highlights: 10
APPG Report Intentions 11
The APPG calls on the Government to implement the recommendations listed on page 8 -9. 11
Who supports Government Road Transport Polices? 11
Survey responses by Road User Type to the APPG’s 7 key recommendations 11
The APPG’s 7 Key Recommendations to the Government 12
What do the majority of UK’s Road Users really think about the 2030 ban? 14
1. The 2030 new petrol/diesel vehicles sales ban. 14
2. The push for UK’s 37m drivers to change to Electric Vehicles. 14
3. A brief look at what should replace £35bn of Fuel Duty and VAT. 14
Survey responses broken down by primary transport choices. 14
Should the 2030 Ban on the sales of new petrol/diesel vehicles stay? 15
Were the electorate consulted about the 2030 ban? 16
What road users, real people in the UK electorate are saying. 16
Has the Government considered the risks and benefits to the environment & economic impact of the 2030 ban? 17
If the 2030 ban had been included in the Conservative 2019 General Election Manifesto, how would you have voted? 17
Will the Government’s push to make us drive EVs, be a Betamax moment or more worryingly, the next diesel-gate? 18
A global picture of increasing electricity demand 19
Fuel for thought 19
Can our national grid cope with the EV Charging demand in 2030 and beyond? 20
Banning the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) – The Figures simply do not add up! 21
The National Grid’s Deception 22
16,000 additional wind turbines required to power the British EV fleet. 22
Impact Analysis of Level 2 EV Chargers on Residential Power Distribution Grids 23
The National Grid – An expert perspective from the GWPF 23
Why are the costs of going Net Zero being hidden from the public? 24
It is not just drivers; it is all of us that will have to pay. 25
Electric vehicles – Quick Facts 25
Rare Earth Metals 25
The Second-hand car markets. 26
An alternative perspective from an Alliance of British Drivers supporter 27
Life Cycle Analysis of Battery Electric Cars 27
Lazy economics 29
Life Cycle Assessment in the automotive sector: a comparative case study of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and electric car 30
Time to crack those rose-coloured spectacles. 30
Are EVs to be continually subsidised by UK Taxpayers? 31
Environmental evangelism & virtue signalling policies costing the UK £billions! 32
The Government seems ill-informed in developing a fair and equitable long term road user plan. 32
China wealth creation policies trump the environment! 33
The CO2 illusion 35
What about particulate matter? 36
The health fallacy – ‘Thousands are dying of air pollution” 37
“Every Journey Matters – Brainwashing deceit?” 39
Emotion not science - 40
The Commercial Heartbeat of the UK feels more than threatened. 42
Political dogma leading to a £trillion of debt. 42
Why is it, drivers are the only ones punished? What about other sources of emissions? 43
The battery supply crunch 44
Green Killers: Congo’s Miners Dying to Feed World’s Hunger for Electric Cars 45
Climate Colonialism and the EU’s Green Deal 46
EV Battery Charging Safety 46
Battery Disposal 47
More EV deliberations 47
Could legal actions involving EV technology become commonplace? 48
So, what will the EV take up be, up to and from 2030? 48
Affordability of electric vehicles 49
Real life practicality of EVs for the majority of drivers 49
Reasons for fossil fuel driver’s reluctance to convert to an EV. 50
Consumers simply do not trust Government’s Political Push for us all to drive EVs. 50
Smart Governments must follow the facts, say Motor-Bikers. 51
Net Zero and a question of honesty 53
“FairFuelUK supporters will not take much more” says award winning public affairs campaigner, Howard Cox. 53
Chairman’s Summary 56
What the majority of our constituents are saying 59
Just one of the thousands of similar comments from UK road users to the Government’s 2030 ban and EV Policies 64