APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 39 ‘They compared 2 groups, rural and city dwellers with respect to NO2, and they pinpoint a small difference in life expectancy.’ ‘They take a statistical correlation and turn it into a causal connection without proof. On the contrary it’s extremely easy to refute that connection’. ‘You would need to conduct tests with people exposed to high quantities of NO2 and fine particulates over many years to get more precise findings. That is impossible for ethical reasons,’ but Kohler points out people are taking part in a kind of voluntary experiment of a similar nature. Jurgen Resch from the German Environmental Agency, GEA, wants the laws on air pollution to be tightened up. ‘this limit is actually far too lax. 800,000 people get sick each year because of NO2‘, according to GEA. But Martin Hetzel responded: ‘that’s populism. Cannot be taken seriously, it is populism driven by ideology. Of course, you might have the idea, and that is the ideology behind all of this of banishing cars from cities. You can do that, but you shouldn’t engineer that by setting legal limits without any basis in science.’ “Every Journey Matters – Brainwashing deceit?” That is the advertising mantra of TfL (Transport for London) under the re-elected London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Well, every journey does indeed matter unless you drive a diesel or petrol vehicle, then you will suffer under the Mayor’s cash grabbing ‘pay to pollute’ policies. Set to increase further in October 2021 to boundary London’s N and S Circulars. This catchline is potentially breaking advertising standards because what TfL is claiming is tantamount to a lie. Their policies mean every journey does not matter to Mr Khan’s administration. Lembit Opik, Former MP, Broadcaster, Communications Director of the Motorcycle Action Group comments on one of the TfL’s propaganda driven adverts back in 2019. “To make matters worse, the London authorities commissioned a radio advert, broadcast on LBC on 4th August 2019 and at other times. This advert, in the voice of a child, claims that most of the pollution in London is created by transport. This amazing claim is simply untrue. For example, the primary generators of NOx are gas appliances, not road vehicles. As for particulate matter, even if all transport in London were to be removed from the streets of the city, between 70% and 89% of the particulate matter would still be present in urban air - the primary sources of this being weather phenomena and agriculture. The emotive and misleading tone of the anti-transport radio advert underlines a sorry state of affairs whereby the Mayor of London seems happy to preside over a dishonest campaign of discrimination against road users. And all of this is founded on the basis of fake science, justifying the blaming of transport. Until now, they have got away with it because it has been difficult to challenge the falsehoods. Fortunately, interested groups such as MAG, FairFuelUK and individuals are forcefully uncovering the catastrophic economic and social impact this persecution of road users is creating. ‘The people in the country live a bit longer but that might be because they exercise a bit more, drink less alcohol and smoke less, or a range of other factors. Attributing the difference to nitrogen dioxide or fine particulate matter isn’t scientific.’