APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 40 The Mayor’s tragic mismanagement of the transport agenda is making the capital unfit for business journeys, due to a dogmatic campaign against powered vehicles. The irony is that none of this is helping the environment in any significant way which exceeds the local and economic cost - and none of it is reducing thousands of deaths incorrectly attributed to ambient air pollution.” Emotion not science - One person’s death has been linked to poor air quality. And that incident, sad as it is, has been used as a political pawn to demonise drivers even further. Left wing politicos and environmental groups will exploit the subjective ruling mercilessly. Anti-driver resentment will run rife fuelled by a plague of opportunistic legal actions. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is exposed to indictment from respiratory sufferers using London’s tube. See further discussion later in the report. No mention was made of the indoor environment that the deceased experienced in her lifetime. No one measured her actual individual exposure to any type of air pollution outdoors, or indoors, where the average person spends 90% of their time. The deceased final asthmatic episode took place within the family home. The fact that the Diffusion Tubes in the vicinity of her home measured lower values than the EU limits was ignored by the family solicitor. He continually referred to the WHO limits which are much tighter, but not yet adopted by the UK or EU. FairFuelUK’s Howard Cox said: “No one can accurately show a mortality is down to one causal factor. Look what has happened in the pandemic, with Covid being written on thousands of death certificates without absolute causal proof, shows this point to be so true. And let us be clear, the cause of asthma remains unknown. Asthma attacks for sufferers are brought on by one or more ‘allergens’ or ‘triggers’, which are specific to each individual.” It belies the good work by vehicle manufacturers and the haulage industry for example, who have halved vehicle emissions in the last decade, the period since the tragic death of the deceased. It’s clear that a logical conclusion from this politically exploited case must mean that everyone who uses TfL’s Underground who develop serious respiratory indications, should indict the London Mayor for damages. Professor Paul Wilkinson countered the evidence given by Professor Stephen Holgate by stating that "he had found no evidence to support the theory that her condition worsened to the point of requiring hospitalisation at times when air pollution was higher.” Sadly, the subjectivity in this young girl’s ruling will be used by well financed environmentalist groups to further demonise UK’s 37m drivers.