APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 4 What do MPs and politicians say about the Government’s 2030 new fossil fuelled vehicle sales ban and the push for us all to drive electric "I am increasingly concerned that the Government's plans to ban petrol and diesel cars will prove to be economically and politically unviable. There is bound to be a huge backlash when it becomes clear to the public that a policy consensus never tested at an election will lift cars out of the reach of many while ensuring that the policy making elite continue to enjoy privileged access to travel, as they will for the imminent climate conference." Steve Baker Conservative MP for Wycombe since 2010 “By 2030 the extra electricity needed to power electric vehicles will still come from gas - so no saving in CO2. No way of replacing the £30 billion lost fuel duty has been proposed. And meanwhile car companies will no longer invest in more efficient (and therefore lower CO2 emissions) vehicles. So this target is patently ill-thought out and will backfire.” Lord Peter Lilley, Baron Lilley, Conservative. Was a Member of Parliament from 1983 to 2017 representing the constituency of Hitchin and Harpenden from 1997 and, prior to boundary changes, St Albans. "There is a lot of common sense in the APPG Fair Fuel Report. Greener transport needs to work for the people it wishes to attract as users. You cannot get to work or run the children to school on a government target. Government needs to explain how these changes are going to be better, popular and affordable.” Sir John Redwood, Conservative MP since 1987 for Wokingham in Berkshire. He was formerly Secretary of State for Wales in the Major government “This policy was wrong headed from the start, dreamt up in the kitchen diners of Notting hill, with no understanding of real people’s daily lives. It’s clear that the switch to electric will cause more environmental damage than running clean diesel. What’s more who is to say electric won’t be superseded soon making this whole costly charade a waste of time and money.” Julian Knight, Conservative MP for Solihull