APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 14 What do the majority of UK’s Road Users really think about the 2030 ban? To support the recommendations in this report, working closely with the highly respected (FFUK) FairFuelUK Campaign team, the APPG initiated a survey carried out May/June 2021. It was open for all to take part, via social media, supporters of FFUK and through media outlets. This poll was put in place to ascertain what UK’s 37m road users want from the Government following significant policy changes from the Government. Validated UK based responses from 49,160 road users, active transport participants and interested individuals were analysed. Questions focussed on three main areas of concern: 2. The push for UK’s 37m drivers to change to Electric Vehicles. 3. A brief look at what should replace £35bn of Fuel Duty and VAT. Survey responses broken down by primary transport choices. 87% of survey respondents indicate fossil fuelled choices as their preferred transport of choice in the survey, with significantly less than 1% making public transport their primary mode of carriage. The influence of Covid lockdown cannot be understated. Active transport (walking and cycling) as a first transport choice was made up of largely walkers 6.85%. Just 3.91% chose cycling as their principal first choice in the poll. These findings fit in with other reported statistics that cycling remains a transport choice for an exceedingly very small selection of road users.