APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 15 Should the 2030 Ban on the sales of new petrol/diesel vehicles stay? 7 out of 10 of all road users taking part in the survey said vehemently they want the threat of Government’s 2030 ban of new petrol/diesel vehicle sales scrapped. Over 90% of truckers, 84% of taxis, 82% of van drivers and 4 out of 5 motor-bikers want the 2030 ban shelved too. Despite only 1 in 5 car drivers suggesting (in FairFuelUK’s poll) the Government sticks to the 2030 cliff edge target ban, this figure conceals the fact: 90% of those wanting to keep to this unexpected timetable already drive an electric vehicle. When these existing EV converts are removed from this analysis, this figure drops from 1 in 5, to 1 in 8 of all car drivers still supporting this unpopular & un-consulted Conservative Government policy. Key: FF = Fossil Fuelled, PT = Public Transport, AT = Active Transport Please note: The APPG/FairFuelUK Survey results are available separately from FairFuelUK. Key findings from the poll itself are included throughout the body of this report to help illuminate the salient points pertaining to current Government Road user policies. Several more survey outcome releases will be issued to the media in the coming months following the publication of this report. For more details, please contact Howard Cox Secretary to the APPG and Founder of FairFuelUK. Mobile: 07515421611, email: