APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 47 For example, between 750 and 1100L of water and foam was used to suppress the Ft. Lauderdale fire. Long et al. found that in some cases the amount of water and time needed to suppress an EV fire could be in the range of 10,000L and a quenching time of 60 min, significantly more than what is normally needed for fighting conventional vehicle fires which is normally suppressed in 5 min. There is a question as to whether it is safe to leave an EV on charge in a domestic garage overnight. Insurance companies stipulate those batteries cannot be charged in commercial garages overnight for fire risk concerns. So, will this concern impact on house insurance premiums too? Battery Disposal Thousands of tons of batteries end up in the garbage prematurely. The Handelsblatt Newspaper reports 14 how Matthias Schmidt, managing director of the recycling company Erlos, “is astonished”. “Actually, his industry had expected to be inundated with batteries from recently produced electric cars only in eight or ten years,” writes the Handelsblatt. “In fact, however, thousands of tons of batteries are already ending up at waste disposal companies.” “We would never have imagined the quantities that would accumulate after such a short time,” says Schmidt. His company alone and competitor Duesenfeld, both of which specialize in recycling car batteries, are recycling more than 4,000 tons of batteries from almost all e-models this year – including those that have only recently come onto the market.” Now it is beginning to dawn on the greens: They’ve got a colossal environmental problem in the works – a problem they were warned about long ago and one they’ve refused to believe was real because it clashed with their vision of a green utopia. Not long-ago Nobel Prize winning Japanese chemist and lithium battery researcher Akira Yoshino warned that solutions for recycling these batteries were sorely needed and that it was becoming “an urgent environmental issue.” Over time these battery packs become less efficient too, in the same way a mobile phone does. Batteries degrade over time as they’re charged and discharged and won’t hold the same capacity as when they’re new. 19 Lembit Opik said “If we covert to EVs completely 3m+ tons of batteries will have to be scrapped! More EV deliberations Ambitious estimates suggest there could be over 11million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2030, compared with just 300,000 to 400,000 plug-in-cars today. Every servicing garage will be compelled to buy a completely new suite of tools, lifts, ramps etc. under electrical safety regulations for EVs. Most of the drivers, who think electric cars are viable, live-in towns. The huge potential for urban traffic clogging due to ‘flat battery’ electric vehicles has not been considered, nor has the issue of time to recharge. These fires are hard to extinguish however, requiring more fire dampening suppressant than what is needed for conventional vehicles. The huge environmental problems of EVs are beginning to emerge. What will happen to 8000 independent garages with diesel and petrol pumps to decommission? How will they replace that income?