APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 59 What the majority of our constituents are saying All action on the “zero carbon” schemes should be halted, pending a full, independent audit into the UK government’s handling of the whole matter of carbon dioxide emissions since the late 1980s. This audit should be objective, critical, quantitative, unbiased, and non-political. It should cover, at least: the science; the burden of proof; Climategate; the rationale, risks and cost/benefit of the policies proposed; and the conduct of those involved, including scientists, economists, government officials and advisors, and politicians. Nei l from Blackheath Appoint a government minister For Motorists to uphold, represent and enforce all our interests and put a stop to the "Hundred Years War on the Motorist". Zoe from Maidenhead Let the market decide. The move to electric started at pace well before the govt mandated by law. Darren from Stamford Let people have a choice. We are not going to die tomorrow or in a hundred years or more. Technology will improve things, but we forget that nature has a way of correcting itself. F from Enfield Vehicle manufacturers have improved the pollution factor tremendously over the years. This could continue so what is the problem? Aimee from Swaffham I am sure that a better more environmentally means of using fossil fuelled vehicles can be found. This would mean that this draconian issue being forced upon us would not be necessary. James from Enfield Stop placating the Green Lobby and base government policies only on thoroughly researched & proven science, not the wishful thinking of those that wilfully ignore any evidence that contradicts their shibboleths. John in Sweden Start dealing with the 80% of emissions that do not emanate from road transport. Michael from Dubl in What is the bigger picture of the environmental damage building and in the future disposing of the batteries? Paul from Sheffield Electric cars are not practicable in the UK until they have a 500-mile radius on one charge. They are too expensive for the 'normal' motorist and are the woke toys of the rich (at present).. The infrastructure for electric cars will not be in place in 9 years even if they start spending billions now. A from St ir l ing Electric vehicles still cause pollution. They plunder scarce resources & minerals to build batteries & we will have to upgrade all electricity suppliers to cope with the enormous demand. The national grid struggles now. John from Westminster The implications electric cars will have on the environment is just as bad. Their batteries are poisonous and difficult to dispose of and we don't have enough electricity. Building more nuclear power stations is totally unacceptable to us and the environment. Plant trees along all roads and raise the driving age to 21....simple and effective. Stop building on farmland too. Sandra from Barnet Only places like London will have the infrastructure for electric vehicles. Rural UK doesn't even have a bus service fit for use. The rail service is expensive and not convenient for most of the country. When the rest of the country has the facilities London has then perhaps another fuel source could be discussed. On the electric vehicle proposal has the country any idea how it's about to dispose of redundant electric cells after they have reached their life cycle. Robert from Sol ihul l First a proper investigation into whether CO 2 really does affect climate. If so, what percentage difference would it make if the UK carries out the proposed measures in comparison to the rest of the world? Christopher from Westminster Car technology for petrol and diesel cars has been getting better and cleaner all the time and would continue to do so. There is no need for this ban. EVs simply displace the emissions elsewhere. Christine from Stevenage