APPG 2030 Ban

Fair Fuel APPG for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers August 2021 Page | 17 JN from Bex ley said: “The government needs to look past its biased advisors, listen to people dealing with diesel and petrol vehicles in the real world, it’s quite easy, then they will see the current emission rate is unobtainable, but with sensible work with manufactures both engines can be reworked to be better, the current emission equipment on the cars is stifling them.” Has the Government considered the risks and benefits to the environment & economic impact of the 2030 ban? There is a belief from 45% of active transport users, (2 of 3 cyclists and 1 of 3 walkers) that the Government has indeed consulted on the environmental risk and benefits of the 2030 ban. But only 1 in 10 fossil fuelled transport users (9%) agree with them . The disparity and confusion continue with 83% of petrol and diesel drivers angry they have not been consulted regarding the personal economic impact of the 2030 ban. If the 2030 ban had been included in the Conservative 2019 General Election Manifesto, how would you have voted? 4 out of 10 diesel and petrol drivers would have been less likely to have voted Conservative if they had known the new Government would be punishing them by introducing the 2030 ban. This survey outcome is indicative of the significant disappointment in the Conservatives about the 2030 ban. What is clear here, the 80 seat Commons majority would definitely have been considerably less had the 2030 ban been in the Tory Election Manifesto. A wakeup call to the PM? These survey results if translated into the actual 2019 General Election outcome would have meant 5.5m less votes to Boris Johnson.