15 © Centre for Economics and Business Research 4.5. Estimated economic impact of the extension We have scaled the revenue impact of the extension from the estimated impact of the current ULEZ area. The results are summarised in Table 6 and show a revenue impact to business and consumers of £538 million, or 0.1% of total London GDP. Table 6 Revenue from current ULEZ area and Extension Current area £million Car 107 Van 62 Total 169 Proposed area Car 85 Van 284 Total 369 Total area Car 192 Van 346 Total 538 The economic costs to consumers adds the revenue costs to the cost of activity suppressed or additional costs of compliance – the additional costs. We have estimated the additional costs again scaling from the TfL data. The results are shown in Table 7. Table 7 The additional costs from ULEZ and Proposed Scheme Current area £million Car 53 Van 31 Total 84 Proposed area Car 42 Van 142 Total 185 Total area Car 96 Van 173 Total 269 This gives the total costs to the consumer which are shown in Table 8.