16 © Centre for Economics and Business Research Table 8 Total user costs from existing scheme and expansion Current area £ million Car 160 Van 93 Total 253 Proposed area Car 127 Van 427 Total 554 Total area Car 288 Van 520 Total 807 The final calculation we need to make is the economic cost. As before this is the economic costs to the users (the £185 million in Table 7) plus the admin costs (the £185 million discussed in 4.4) since the TfL revenue is a transfer from the consumer to TfL and therefore drops out of the calculation. This is given in Table 9. The indirect costs not calculated as part of this report are likely to be much more substantial for the extended ULEZ than the current scheme. This is because of the much greater relative impact on van traffic (and therefore commercial activity) the ULEZ is expected to have in Outer London. Table 9 Total economic costs Current area £million Total 199 Proposed area Total 370 Total area Total 569 4.6. Conclusion This analysis shows substantial costs for the Proposed Scheme – the revenue cost to consumers and businesses is £538 million; the total cost to consumers and businesses (including deadweight) is £807 million and the economic costs (deadweight plus admin) £569 million.