The FairFuelUK Campaign

The FairFuelUK Campaign

"The real independent voice of 37m UK drivers"
A public affairs team with no shareholders to satisfy, just an award winning campaign representing the concerns of hard working motorists, families, small businesses, commercial drivers and hauliers across the UK. Since 2010 FairFuelUK has saved drivers over £100bn in planned tax hikes in duty and VAT. Now the immediate focus is on stopping those unnecessary tax hikes on drivers entering our major cities. These are new taxes that will not improve air quality, but simply hit consumers and the economy.
Mr Khan, please throw out your pointless London T-Charge

Why have you ignored more effective, proven clean air solutions that are available now for a tax hike?

You have not even held a public inquiry, instead going straight to an irrational decsion to tax hard working drivers. The T-Charge is simply a cash grab for your office that will not improve London's air
Mrs May & Mr Gove, please set up a Public Inquiry now

To independently investigate more effective, fairer and available ways to improve Air Quality in all UK Cities.

Proven clean air solutions have been completely ignored by the London Mayor in favour of ineffectual punitive and dishonest tax hikes on motorists, van drivers and the haulage industry.
Mr Hammond, please Cut Fuel Duty for Economic Growth

Don't punish UK drivers &  the economy with 'Green' labelled tax hikes. They will crush the economy!

UK Diesel drivers remain the highest taxed in the world with petrol third. Waging war on hard working drivers is crass, ill thought out and deceitful. It's time for incentives not myopic cash grabs.
Please help us to legally fight the wrongful demonisation of millions of UK Drivers but work to improve air quality too. The London Mayor and the Government must implement proven effective solutions that are available for all drivers now.

The T-Charge is a punitive, ineffective and immoral new tax hike, which is simply, a politically motivated cash grab on people going to, or for work. This pointless tax will impact badly on personal income, freedom of movement and our wider economy.

Transport for London’s own consultation document in January 2017 revealed this new levy will have only a “negligible” effect on air pollution. So why introduce it?

Please help us to fund a legal challenge against the Mayor of London to make him reverse this unwarranted ‘T-Charge’ on drivers and help to stop it being introduced into other UK Cities. 

That is why all UK drivers must get behind this legal challenge!

We also call on the Prime Minister to set up an Independent Public Inquiry to investigate other more effective and fair ways to improve Air Quality in all our UK Cities. Proven solutions that have been completely ignored by Sadiq Khan in favour of taxing drivers.

The only way we have a chance to stop the unfair and unwarranted fleecing of drivers is through the Courts

With your help we need to raise £50,000 to £150,000

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If you wish to donate by cheque, please make payments to FairFuelUK / Equipcode Ltd and post to:
1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3BQ   -   For amounts of £35 or more you can pay by bank transfer too. Email for details

Please join over 1.5 million supporters who have backed us in the last 7 years and sign up to the FairFuelUK Campaign. Together we will continue to make a difference in Westminster

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Launched in January 2011 with the support of funding backers the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association, and more recently the Association of Pallet Networks, FairFuelUK is the award winning Public Affairs Campaign that fights on your behalf for lower fuel duty and fairer more transparent pricing at the pumps. FairFuelUK with its 1.4m supporters growing by the day has fought off £100bn in FUEL TAX hikes since 2011. Pump prices would be 16 to 20 pence more if it was not for the FairFuelUK Campaign. But with oil prices at historic lows and set to stay that way for years to come the Government is disingenuously taking proportionally more and more in tax from consumers.

FairFuelUK is managed by its original Founder Howard Cox and popular TV Broadcaster and Motoring Journalist, Quentin Willson 

Contact and Media:  Howard Cox 07515 421611  
FairFuelUK Office, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3BQ. UK

The FairFuelUK Website is under complete redesign. Full content, blog and background information will be restored shortly