FairFuelUK's Top 5 Campaign Objectives 2024...

Cut Fuel Duty - Implement PumpWatch - Scrap 2030 Ban - Stop ULEZs/LTNs 
Reverse Anti-Driver Policies Since 2010, 

FairFuelUK has been the only true political voice of UK drivers in Westminster. 

W hen Will Government Wake Up to The Chronic Profiteering in the Fuel Supply Chain's & its Impact on the Economy, Cost of Living and ALL Our Lives?

The FairFuelUK APPG is supporting 37m UK Drivers and calls for the introduction of an Independent Pump Price Monitoring Body. PumpWatch. 

Dieselgate: Why for example is diesel so expensive?

Between January 3rd to March 23rd the Average Wholesale price of diesel has been 4.4p more than petrol but retail diesel at the pumps has averaged 20.4p more than petrol. WHY?  

The latest data for March 23rd shows that wholesale diesel is now 2.1p/litre cheaper than petrol but remains 18p more expensive at the pumps. WHY? 

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK says: “Low income motorists and particularly diesel drivers are still being ruthlessly ripped off at the pumps. This unchecked chronic profiteering can only be halted by introducing FairFuelUK’s long called for PumpWatch. A huge disappointment from the March 15 Budget was that the Chancellor, depite promises he would, did not mention the need for an independent pump pricing watchdog that would ensure filling up costs would be transparent, honest, and fair. But the VAT keeps pouring into the Treasury, so why change anything? This duplicity has to stop, for the sake of the economy and UK's 37m drivers." 

Data sourced from the RAC Foundation and FairFuelUK Supporter's PumpWatch ​Between January 3rd to March 23rd 

When oil prices rise and fall, millions of drivers have absolutely no idea what subsequently, they will pay at the pumps each time they fill up their vehicles. It is never ever the same price! There is no consistency, logic or clarity to the way pump prices are calculated. The calculation remains a closely guarded secret in the fuel supply chain.

FairFuelUK's founder Howard Cox has documented pump pricing trends since 2010 and has tried to get to the bottom as to how petrol and diesel prices are reached. As stated it remains a secret process designed to maximise profits for businesses in the fuel supply chain.

Over 95% of FairFuelUK's 1.7m supporters want an independent body created, similar to consumer watchdogs Ofgem, Ofcom and Ofwat, to protect UK's 37m drivers every time they fill up, and as and when oil prices fluctuate.

Please note, the small independent retailers are not the businesses making extra profits, it is further up the fuel supply chain where the greed is most rife.

See the cogent evidence in the graphs that show unchecked greed remains rife in the fuel supply chain. Data sourced from the widely respected RAC Foundation.

FairFuelUK has detailed evidence from such data over the last 12 years. But significant profiteering has taken place much more so in the last 3 years during the Covid lockdowns and because of the Ukraine conflict.