How is Ultimum 5 different from other additives? Ultimum 5 is different from other additives such as cetane improvers, octane improvers, detergents, anti-gelling agents, biocides, or any of the other host of fuel additives claiming to improve fuel economy or reduce emissions. Ultimum 5 ‘s catalyst chemistry is what makes it different. Typical changes in fuel economy and emissions using Ultimum 5 are as follows: * Unknown, as testing generally only looked at NO X , and did not differentiate between NO and NO 2 except in one trial. Each engine is, of course, slightly different, as are driving styles and vehicular use, so the actual results of the use of Ultimum 5 in an engine will vary to some degree, but will fall within the ranges outlined above. No other additive can match these results. Parameter Tested Ultimum 5 Min. % Improvement Ultimum 5 Max % Improvement Fuel Economy 3.4% 15.5% NO x 22% 94% NO * 99.6% NO 2 * 61% PM/Soot 25% 100% CO 2 6% 11.1% UHCs 25% 80% NEW