What is Ultimum 5 ? Ultimum 5 is a concentrated fuel additive comprised of a fuel-soluble carrier containing several catalysts that, combined, act to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. Ultimum5 can be blended with fuel at any point from fuel manufacturing to the end user filling their vehicle’s tank. Ultimum 5 is suitable for use in diesel, petrol, biodiesel, and blended petrol/ethanol fuels. It can also be added to fuels such as wood chips to improve BTU values and reduce emissions. What does Ultimum 5 do? Ultimum 5 catalytically reduces harmful emissions, improves engine torque, and improves fuel consumption. Certain components in Ultimum 5 reduce activation energy during the combustion process. Activation energy is the amount of energy required to initiate a chemical reaction, which, in this case, is the reaction of oxygen free radicals with hydrocarbon fuel. The reduction in activation energy during combustion is achieved via addition of catalysts in the fuel that are carried by the fuel into the engine during operation. The catalysts do not cause combustion to occur, they simply facilitate the combustion reaction once combustion is initiated in the engine cylinder. During fuel combustion in a closed system such as an engine's cylinder, activation energy is not recoverable as work output, so a reduction in activation energy during fuel combustion translates to more system energy available to do work. This is commonly seen as an improvement in torque with a concomitant improvement in Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC), which is a measure of the amount of fuel needed to move X mass, Y distance. In the case of generators, SFC is usually measured as the amount of fuel needed to generate a kilowatt-hour of energy. NEW