The persistent global demonisation of motorists, bikers and truckers and the internal combustion engine continues at a pace. Politicians across the world must recognise that their constituents, who have no choice but to drive, are unfairly and repeatedly exploited by environmental emotive spin – leaving them feeling environmental pariahs, out of pocket, with devalued vehicles and easily chosen as perennial cash tax cows. For over 100 years the challenge of significantly improving the combustion of hydrocarbon-based fuels such as petrol, diesel, heavy fuel oil and coal has stymied scientists worldwide. FairFuelUK, with its 1.7m supporters, is working with the UK Government to look at alternative, proven and practical solutions that don’t hit motorists and hauliers in the pocket. Unfortunately, the opportunity to improve fuel combustion characteristics (and therefore engine efficiency) has spawned a worldwide panorama of ‘fuel enhancing’ products, most of which are ineffective. This has created the idea that nothing works; that all of these products are “snake oil”. That perception is about to change! Howard Cox, the founder of FairFuelUK with the All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs has investigated over 30 different solutions to lowering vehicle emissions. One product stands out above the rest. Ultimum 5 NEW “It's time for the Government to seriously consider the alternatives, like fuel catalysts. Not only do they work to reduce fuel consumption and help us to reach our climate change targets, they are a viable, cost-saving option for motorists and the UK Treasury ." Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister with Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK. Lembit Opik, UK MP 1997 - 2010, now an international media broadcaster, road transport consultant and business development director for Ultimum5. Howard Cox with TV Motoring Journalist Quentin Willson, outside 10 Downing Street, campaigning as FairFuelUK for a better deal for 37m UK drivers. contact@ultimum5.com +44 7515421611