FairFuelUK Testimonials

“In addition to Howard’s seminal work with FairFuelUK, he provides pivotal secretariat support for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers, of which I am chair. Having Howard’s expert guidance and knowledge to hand is extremely important as we lobby ministers on the main issues that impact the UK’s 37m drivers: notably current fuel taxation, congestion charges, parking costs, roads investment, fairer treatment for carbon based fuelled vehicle owners and transparent pricing at the fuel pumps. Most recently we published a report on what the 2030 ban on fossil fuelled vehicle sales really means to the economy, environment and drivers. That report and our 7 recommendations to Government enjoyed a great deal of coverage in our national media and is concentrating ministers’ minds. Howard was instrumental in organising, drafting, printing and publicising the report with the help of his array of contacts in politics, business, the transport industry and the media. Howard’s knowledge of the issues affecting the UK’s drivers is unparalleled and I very much hope that he will be in a position to continue to support our APPG and our direct lobbying of ministers in the future. He is quite simply an unsung hero in this field.” Craig Mackinlay MP

“These days the importance of our vital road user transport is being confused by certain groups as an environmental threat. Sadly, this interpretation could not be further from reality. UK’s 37m drivers contribute the 5th largest income to the Treasury and remain the highest taxed drivers in the world. Had it not been for FairFuelUK under its founder Howard Cox and his dedicated direction, we could now be paying £2 per litre at the pumps. The freeze in Fuel Duty since 2011 is largely down to Howard’s campaigning endeavours. I am delighted to have chaired the Fair Fuel APPG and today continue to be an Officer, under the current Chair Craig Mackinlay. Under Howard’s guidance, the FairFuelUK Campaign has for the last decade built up nearly 2 million supporters, He has skilfully marshalled them to lobby MPs, Ministers, and the Government, arguing on behalf of motorists and the haulage industry, in a professional and objective approach. Using expert independent economic analyses Budget after Budget, Howard has built up the respect of politicians, the media and above all, many of my constituents. It is essential that FairFuelUK continues to be funded at the appropriate level to ensure our Nation’s drivers are represented robustly and legitimately, in an uncertain time where we are moving anxiously towards Net Zero. With the future of Fuel Duty revenues uncertain, possibly moving in the direction of road charging, volatile greedy oil businesses impacting on the cost of living and the future of petrol and diesel vehicles hanging in the balance, FairFuelUK remains best placed to help all road users for the foreseeable and long-term future of road transport. I strongly recommend putting funds into this campaign, the investment will not be wasted.” Julian Knight MP

“This is to say how important Howard Cox and FairFuel UK have been to the country and particularly to its road and fuel users. He is probably the most successful lobbyist in the country arguing the case against excessive fuel taxation and restrictions on motorists. His tireless campaigning is a huge service to the country at a time when well financed pressure groups are lobbying in the opposite direction. Moreover, much of what he does is at his own expense. Meanwhile he has to put up with the appalling treatment and abuse that seems increasingly to be normal for anyone who dares challenge the left-wing consensus. Howard is especially important to the political balance of the country, preventing it from being overwhelmed by lobbyists on the other side.” Douglas McWilliam’s – Chair of CEBR

“In my capacity as a riders' rights campaigner at the Motorcycle Action Group, I’ve been working with Howard Cox and Fair Fuel UK for many years. He’s undoubtedly one of the most important transport lobbyists in Britain. Nobody's done more to save literally billions of Pounds for road users, through steady, robust and logical debate and campaigning for over a decade. Without Fair Fuel UK, fuel prices would have skyrocketed, and we’d all be paying many pounds extra every single time we fill up. My worry is that without more funds, the continuing onslaught facing the ordinary motorist who can’t afford - or doesn’t agree with - the obsessive dash for electrification will overwhelm Howard’s campaign. I’d urge anyone - and any organisation - wanting rational transport policies, to financially back Howard’s work. All he’s trying to do is nurture a responsible, databased approach to how we fuel transport, and how much the driver should be taxed. Frankly, if Fair Fuel UK stops, we all lose and our economy will be hopelessly compromised by runaway fuel taxes and arbitrary, idiotic rules about what engines we’re allowed to buy and what’s banned. A little money now will keep us viable as a country and keep fuel affordable for its citizens. Conversely, without Fair Fuel UK’s efforts, there’s a real danger we’ll be taxed into oblivion and when politicians realise this, it will be too late. It sounds dramatic, but my years as a transport campaigner, and as a former Parliamentarian, tell me we either invest in Howard Cox and Fair Fuel UK now, or we all pay later. It’s as simple as that.” Lembit Opik MAG

“The RHA strongly supports Fair Fuel UK’s campaigning on behalf of the motoring sector.  With our backing we’ve managed to secure a Fuel Duty Freeze for many years which has saved both hard pressed motorists and small hauliers from unsustainable cost rises.   We continue to work with Fair Fuel UK to ensure that haulage and coach companies get the best deal they can from government and taxation across a range of issues.” Rod McKenzie, RHA Executive Director   Policy and Public Affairs

“I want to put on record my appreciation of all that Howard Cox and FFUK have done to protect logistics businesses both large and small from the damaging effects of fuel duty over many years. Howard has  led a remarkably successful campaign which has developed and evolved into a powerful voice for the motorist. I wish Howard and FairFuelUK every success with the  campaign going forward and know that we will remain firm friends and partners in the cause of lower fuel duty.”  David Wells OBE CEO Logistics UK

Howard Cox and Fair Fuel UK have been pivotal in keeping the cost of petrol/diesel lower than it would otherwise have been over the past 12 years. This has been achieved using rational arguments and sound economics backed by authoritative, expert reports. Campaigning at this level of engagement with governments requires a huge investment of time and a considerable investment of money. Sadly, rational, fact-based views in support of drivers and vehicles are chronically underfunded compared to our politically motivated, factually challenged, unrepresentative opponents who have £millions at their disposal. The benefits of lower fuel costs to the UK financially, socially, and economically are measured in £billions. If Howard is to continue his work defending the motorised mobility of 37 million UK drivers and hauliers, then he needs substantial 6-figure funding. As we rapidly approach the end game of the anti-driver lobby, who hate motorised commercial and private transport of both goods and people, time and money are running out. Financial support is needed sooner rather than later. Alliance of British Drivers (ABD). 

  “To keep the NHS wheels turning it is essential that care-at-home services keeps our most vulnerable and frail out of unnecessary hospital stays, but to do this the million-and-a half Social Care workers across the country have to travel between their patients covering millions of miles per annum. The costs of home based Social Care would be vastly greater than they are had the pioneering work of Howard Cox and FairFuelUK not campaigned tirelessly to keep fuel prices in check. Those millions of pounds saved because of Howards campaigning work has meant more patients can be cared for at home, freeing the NHS up for the acute work we have all witnessed first-hand over the last two years. Our care services owe a debt of gratitude to Howard and FairFuelUK.” Duncan White, senior advisor to the UK Homecare sector 2013-19 and retired NHS Nurse Manager