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We are fighting for fairer fuel taxation, whatever type of fuelled vehicle you drive: for a fuel pricing watchdog, called PumpWatch: and to scrap the 2030 Ban on the sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles.

Since Jan 2011 if the Fuel Price Escalator averaging at adding inflation plus 1p per year had been in place today, pump prices would now be over 40p higher per litre. FairFuelUK through objective campaigning and lobbying, has put £165bn back into the economy through consumer spending and business investment.

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June 28th 2022

The CMA Pump Price Enquiry Must Not be a Whitewash Again ​A firm message to the Govt: Kwasi Kwarteng’s ask of the CMA to investigate fair pricing at the pumps must be the most detailed examination of the fuel supply chain's secretive and chronic manipulation of petrol and diesel prices, ever carried out. That means no whitewash, get it right this time, please! And at the same time cut Fuel Duty by 20p !!!  

It must not end up like a similar OFT (now the CMA) fuel supply chain enquiry I helped to commission back in 2013. That one turned out to be nothing but a whitewash. They concluded: “The evidence gathered suggests that at a national level, competition is working well in the UK road fuel sector.” That conclusion was absolute bunkum back in 2013 as any driver will contest.   It’s critical that this brand-new 2022 enquiry must ask the right questions to all involved in the cost of filling up, not just the retailers. 

We await an invitation to give evidence. Our data shows the depth of the unmitigated greed.   Not withstanding there are indeed a few unscrupulous retailers, the vast majority are being held to ransom by the branded oil businesses and those multiple forecourt owners further up the fuel supply chain. I guarantee, if they do their job properly, the CMA will show that the majority of the small independent garage owners are making very little profit dispensing fuel. Many are even making a loss selling petrol and diesel.

Howard Cox said:  "Small independent retailers are on tight margins and restrictive contracts controlled by ruthless oil companies, refineries, and wholesalers. Stop blaming these struggling small businesses and work with us at FairFuelUK to expose the collusion, racketeering and greedy profiteering further up the fuel supply chain. The CMA must not leave any fuel pricing decision point unexamined, every part of the process must be revealed." Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK.   The CMA must look at the plethora of rip off pricing issues over decades such as this latest example (see graph below), that shows since June 1st wholesale prices for petrol have fallen over 7p per litre yet filling up costs have risen over 16p. And this one: In March oil prices fell 40% in Sterling, yet in the same 4 weeks period, average petrol prices at the forecourts rose 4% and diesel by 9%. Go figure!

FairFuelUK is calling for:   

1. A Fuel Duty Cut of at least 20p per litre
2. Create a Pump Pricing Watchdog we call PumpWatch
3. Ensure the CMA enquiry investigates the pump pricing process throughout the fuel supply chain, don't just look at retailers.

But let’s get back to what the Government can do now to slow inflation, stop a recession, and reduce driver costs across the UK. Why is it, Germany and Italy have reacted so quickly to similar global oil price pressures by cutting fuel duty by 25p per litre? Spain and Ireland have chopped 17p, even France has reduced the heinous regressive levy by a double digit 13p. But all the UK has done is a paltry 5p, which didn't even touch the sides.   

The commercial heartbeat of all economies, diesel, here in Blighty still remains one of world’s highest taxed fuels. It doesn’t take a professor of economics to recognise that by reducing distribution costs for logistics, the impact on everything we buy will fall. That means Inflation would slow and almost certainly fall too ! Are the Government hearing the common sense that is pouring out of this page?   The RHA want the Treasury to introduce an essential user fuel duty rebate. At least that would be a start to boosting the economy and ensuring haulage businesses remain viable.   

And more and more evidence show that the Government's un-consulted NetZero plans will bankrupt the nation and stop attracting voters, with the 2030 diesel/petrol new car sales ban totally unthought out. These idealistic ill-informed edicts are driving voters away from the Conservatives ever being elected again.   

The Government appear to millions to be unaware that petrol and diesel costs impact in every economic aspect of our personal and business lives. Yet it seems the politically unrecognisable tax hiking government is happy to wallow in the colossal amount of extra VAT revenue generated from these on-going paralysing pump prices, all topped up with that one off £5bn oil corporation windfall tax.   This tax receipt bonanza combination should easily deliver a 20p cut in fuel duty and then all the consequential tax revenue benefits would accrue. Not only that, but watch those disillusioned Tory voters come back to support this Government.

April 4th 2022

Prime Minister, Home and Transport Secretaries PLEASE Remove the Protesters from the Oil Depots

FairFuelUK is being bombarded with messages that garages up and down the country are short of petrol and diesel stock. All because of a few narrow minded protesters blocking our road vehicles fuel supply, behind a pointless crusade they believe will save the planet.

A message to Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps and Priti Patel, PLEASE get on top of the 'JUST STOP OIL' protest and protect the supply of petrol and diesel to our garage forecourts.

Don’t let panic buying take over again with those long unnecessary queues we saw last year when you failed to act.

Our economy and millions of daily lives depend on their vehicles. There is no need to wait until it gets too late to act. So please secure the fuel supply chain now! 

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

April 4th 2022

Will the Unchecked Fuel Supply Chain Pass on CEBR's Prediction of an 8p Fall in Filling Up at the Pumps?   

The widely respected Economists at the CEBR, are predicting petrol prices could fall pretty quickly in the coming months, though not to where they were for much of 2021. If the fall in the spot market that CEBR are predicting takes place, the price of petrol will fall by 8p a litre.   They expect demand for oil to fall as a result of both the direct impact of higher prices and also the impact of weaker GDP growth. They forecast that the US State Department can pressure Middle East producers to increase supply by around 1.5 million barrels per day.   The CEBR believe it’s hard to see the current price of oil being sustained for long, given all the factors at play that should bring it down. The forward market for oil is predicting Brent crude below $90 in 2024 against the 31 March spot price of $107.60.  Moreover, much of that fall in the cost of oil is forecast by December 2022.   

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK says “At last some light at the end of the tunnel for motorists and hauliers. These predicted level of price falls in diesel and petrol at the pumps by the CEBR, will make a huge difference to drivers and the economy. Backed up by the 5p cut in duty too, an 8p decrease will ease inflationary pressure. But before we all get excited, will CEBR’s welcome prediction be passed on in full at the pumps, and not swallowed up in the inevitable fuel supply chain cash grab, keeping their profits high.”     

"Our long called for new independent pump pricing watchdog, PumpWatch, is now even more crucial to the Nation’s positive economic growth, jobs, business investment, logistics, consumer spending and social mobility. Rishi, please put it in place to help your party's credibility in the May local Elections."     

“Diesel remains the biggest victim of market speculation, with the gap between derv and petrol growing by the day. Pence per litre profitability has more than doubled in March and even since the Spring Statement, margins have risen 52%. These fuel costs are putting a crippling strain on the commercial heartbeat of our economy. 

We back the RHA's call for an essential road users fuel duty rebate. Let's get the economy motoring in a fair, honest and transparent way under the guise of PumpWatch.”   
April 1st 2022

The Treasury has an Economic and Moral Duty to stop profiteering and continual unchecked pump pricing.

9 Days after the Spring Statement, the historic 5p (6p with VAT) cut in Fuel Duty has still to manifest in full at ALL garage forecourts across the UK.

In the month of the Mini-Budget, March, the wholesale price of petrol increased by 4%, yet pump prices at March 30 in contrast, went up a staggering 9%. And wait for it, wholesale profit in pence per litre climbed 69%. Diesel fared worse though, with the gap against petrol in some places reaching 25p. Despite an unwelcome 8% rise in wholesale price due to the market scare that Russia supplies 20% of UK’s derv, pump prices for diesel rose 16% and profitability doubled. It should be carefully noted, the huge profits are being made by fuel wholesalers and oil companies not the small independent garage owners, who are seemingly being held to ransom by the faceless fuel supply chain businesses.

Despite wholesale falls on the day of around 4p per litre, before Rishi Sunak’s sermon at the dispatch box, pump prices increased by on average 3p on the day.

Over 300 drivers told FairFuelUK they witnessed pump prices being hiked in the 48 hours leading up to the Spring Statement. The Fuel supply chain was given more than a week’s notice that the Chancellor was to cut Fuel Duty by 5p on Wednesday 23rd March. SO, they had ample time to manipulate prices in their favour to absorb the significant Fuel Duty cut. A sickening PR misjudgment by the Treasury.

Government Continues to Ignore Rip Off Pump Prices - Time this Beleaguered Administration Acted Positively to Support UK's 37m Drivers and Reduce Inflation, the Cost of Living and incentivise the Economy

Craig Mackinlay MP, Chair of the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers“ says: This is bad for the economy, bad for inflation, bad for business and bad for jobs. That’s why we need to introduce an independent pump pricing watchdog.”

MP Robert Halfon’s Early Day Motion says “That this House recognises the significant financial impact on the motorists from retailers failing to reflect the fall in oil prices at the pump; understands that when oil prices rise companies often pass that increase on to motorists, but when they fall, the saving is not passed on; further recognises the action the Government has taken to freeze fuel duty for twelve consecutive years saving the average motorist £15 every time they fill up; notes the success of the campaign group FairFuelUK and Howard Cox in saving motorists billions of pounds; and calls upon the Government to take further steps to form a PumpWatch body to ensure fair prices at the pumps.” https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/59364

Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign says: "The perennial pump pricing rip-off scandal that FairFuelUK has been campaigning against for the last decade, rears its ugly greedy face yet again. PumpWatch is now even more crucial to the Nation’s positive economic growth, jobs, business investment, logistics, consumer spending and social mobility. This beleaguered Conservative Government needs it in place now, to help regain trust again and to avoid long-term voter repercussions. It’s time for you to throw away the anti-motorist plans and recognise the common sense in giving drivers a well-deserved break. It may just be decisive in the May local elections”

March 24th 2022

A welcome Fuel Duty Cut - But make it permanent

"It would be churlish not to be thankful to the Chancellor in cutting Fuel Duty by 5p for 12 months. Well done Rishi! Our relentless campaigning has been fruitful. It will give some respite to millions of motorists, that have had and continue to have no choice but to drive. Just as important this fiscal relief to hauliers and small businesses teetering on survival, desperately need this reduction more than most road users, it’s way overdue. It will only benefit drivers and the economy if the new fuel taxation level becomes permanent and is accompanied by the introduction of an independent pump pricing watchdog, we’ve notionally called PumpWatch. Today’s fuel duty reduction must be passed onto drivers immediately. PumpWatch is the ideal vehicle to make that happen and to stop the perennial fleecing of drivers by businesses and speculators further up the fuel supply chain. Please meet with FairFuelUK, Chancellor to discuss the way forward, we want to help. Use us please." Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

March 20th 2022

The massive extra VAT pouring into the treasury because of the record prices at the pumps is more than enough to give drivers some respite and cut Fuel Duty by at least 5p. 

Possibly more! This would bring pump prices in line with the average of Europe and make businesses more competitive and viable and help reduce all our costs of living.

Ireland, Poland, Germany are cutting fuel taxes and French Supermarket chain Leclerc are to reduce diesel by up to 30p and unleaded by up to 8p.

Pump prices 12 months ago were circa £1.20/1.25 per litre and are now nearly £1.70. That's a difference of 45p/litre or nearly £25 more to fill up an average family car. The extra VAT is estimated to be, in the last 12 months on an annualised basis to be about £2.7bn. That amount could reduce fill up costs, if Rishi Sunak woke up to the pain of the eye watering fill up prices, by 6 to 8p/litre. The weekly VAT tax take on pump prices is currently compared to March 2021, £45m more and growing fast.

The exploitation of drivers is running even more rampant, with businesses shameless without any compunction using the Ukrainian Conflict to line their pockets. THIS HAS TO STOP!  There has to be transparency in the way petrol and diesel prices are reached when ‘global market commodity costs and exchange rates ‘legitimately’ fluctuate.

If gas, electricity, water and telecoms get price protection bodies, why shouldn’t motorists have one too? We need ‘PumpWatch’ now, to ensure pricing fairness for both consumers and hardworking fuel retailers too. Most of the profiteering is at wholesale level not by small independent retailers, who are also victims of the greedy fuel supply chain.

It really is time, the Government must recognise that reducing the cost of living, should be their prime focus. So cutting Fuel Duty by at least 5p per litre, before pump prices become increasingly unaffordable and even more debilitating, is the morally right thing to do. Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign