FairFuelUK's Top 5 Campaign Objectives 2024...

Cut Fuel Duty - Implement PumpWatch - Scrap 2030 Ban - Stop ULEZs/LTNs 
Reverse Anti-Driver Policies Since 2010, 

FairFuelUK has been the only true political voice of UK drivers in Westminster. 

FairFuelUK has been successful preventing 14 years of planned Fuel Duty Rises, getting the Government to adopt PumpWatch for transparent and honest pump prices and recently with the ABD and MAG associations, even influenced the petrol and diesel new car  sales ban being moved from a draconian 2030 target to 2035.  We will continue to fight to ban it completely.

FairFuelUK is shortly to move to a low annual fee membership model to help to commission more independent evidence for ​objective campaigning on the plethora of negative driving issues we must present against to parliament and local authorities. Those very issues that seem to be continually ignored by those 'rent a quote' highly paid motoring association execs.

With the very much anti-driver Labour Party certain to be our next Government, FairFuelUK will be campaigning even more relentlessy throughout 2024 for UK motorists and commercial drivers.

Since 2010, ​1.7m Supporters Have Helped the FairFuelUK Campaign to Keep Fuel Duty Frozen for over 12 Years. In fact, we got an overall 6p reduction since we set up FairFuelUK. Without this incredible support from across the UK, pump prices would now be 75p+ per litre more expensive. That's right, you'd now be paying way over £2 per litre at the pumps.

Rest assured, we will continue to fight hard on your behalf for lower pump prices and fuel taxes. The Campaign has grown significantly, is highly respected in Parliament and the media. We are now lobbying on an increasing number of other anti-driver issues. For example we now need your vital support to help us fight for PumpWatch and to get the 2030 Diesel/Petrol New Car Sales Ban scrapped. We are also campaigning against the epidemic of urban charges and restrictions to entering our cities. But we can't make a difference without your support...... 

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