FairFuelUK Budget 2023

Mark M, Bradford, I will never vote for any party again that supports net zero, always voted conservative but will never vote for them again, I don’t care if labour get in can’t be any worse than this shambles, I will be voting Reform. Lesley L, Petersfield, I wish all of these environmental measures were implemented in good faith for the common good. Unfortunately, most appear to be money making schemes. Motorists are still easy targets as we often have no viable alternatives for essential journeys. Andy R, Sheffield, I live in Sheffield and by choice drive a pickup and so it is classed as commercial running Euro 4 standards. If I swap this for a BMW X5 or Range Rover and the likes pumping out far more emissions than my Nissan Navara, I could still drive in the zone and so tell me how it can be about cleaner air? Is it not just a cash generator / extra tax for local tradesmen that may be forced to pay the fee, or forced into getting newer vehicle with both outcomes meaning price increase to their customers??? Jenny C, Kent, I have to look after my 92 years old Mother, who has dementia and is incapable to go anywhere without me driving her. With sky high fuel costs, pointless LTNs, ULEZs her trips out, food shopping and visits to hospitals to stimulate her mind will definitely be severely curtailed. It’s sickening how the Government I voted for is screwing motorists all based on climate change lies. I am genuinely sickened by incompetent national politicians and the local ones lead by Khan who are allowed to ignore the hard working majority who did not ask for bloody green policies that will do bugger all, for the planet but will definitely cost everyone in the pocket. Never will vote Tory again! Andrew B, Chelmsford, I don't feel that anti-motorist legislation helps reduce traffic congestion or reduce pollution, but is just legislation that discriminates against the less well-off. Les J, Abergele, EV vehicles with no other means of propulsion are not yet technologically advanced enough to be a viable alternative to ICE vehicles. Until they can fully recharge within 5 minutes and cover a minimum of 500 miles between charges, it is not fair to allow them to be sold to the unsuspecting public. Self charging hybrid vehicles are the only viable alternative at this time Ian W, Paisley, Climate change has been ongoing for the last 4.6 billion years & has a 100,000 year cycle. Banning petrol/diesel vehicles, to replace with EVs will have no difference to Earth's climate cycle. Further, there is not enough lithium on our planet to keep the supply of lithium batteries going. The drive to EVs has been ill-thought out & will fail. And the banning of new petrol/diesel vehicles will cause an economic crisis. Neil F, Cambridge, Cambridge city is my nearest to me, I use park and ride to go shopping in the city centre. If they introduce a tax on cars I will not drive into the zone to buy anything that requires me to use the car I will drive to Royston, Biggleswade or St Neots instead, I will not pay to drive into the zone under any circumstances. I am sure I am not alone so businesses will suffer in Cambridge or any other area that introduce these taxes on drivers. Jonathan H, Braintree, Being a van owner and driving 25,000 miles per year I’m worried about the ban on ICE vans and cars in 2030. As I live in a flat I don’t want an electric vehicle that will need charging everyday using public chargers whether they are available or not.Do they expect people to do a days work and then charge their vehicles. That would be hours every week wasted. G R, Streatham, At present I live just outside the ulez but will be in it when it comes in this year. Why is the government not doing anything to stop this. How do they expect people to move from diesel or petrol and buy a new car within months? It will affect what i do and where I go. public transport does not go to the places i want to go without adding hours to the journey. Andrew S, Sunderland, As someone who will have to travel to and from work, through Newcastle/Gateshead low emissions zone everyday, I feel as a motorist, I am being penalised. I have to pay up to £8 per day to park, just to goto work. Another £12.50 puts me in an impossible situation. I could add another 1to 2hrs commute to my journey (each way in rush hr), or lose 2hrs pay per day, just to goto work. My employer won't transfer me to another site, so I am stuck. John R, Crook, All transport policy is generated in London, and is entirely inappropriate for most areas outside big conurbations. I used to work in Northumberland, where many people lived in places with no public transport whatsoever. Typically people often depended on a £2000 car for all their transport needs. They cannot afford a car that runs on E10, never mind £30000 for an electric vehicle ... © FairFuelUK March 2023 Email: campaign@fairfueluk.com Howard Cox, 07515421611 Government & Local Councils MUST Listen to the Majority, not the brainwashed “cult”. Mark E, London, I strongly believe measures such as LTNs and Cycle Lanes have increased traffic and journey times in parts of London, and therefore have made pollution worse. They are there to raise money and penalise the many if favour of the few. They are fundamentally unfair and should be reversed without further delay. T R, Erith, I have tried to think of a road safety feature or pollution control method that has improved motorcycling or motorcycle safety over the past 30 years. I'm still trying to think of one (excluding improvements to tyres, brakes, clothing, etc). Yet motorcyclists are now listed in the Highway Code as a vulnerable road user! The response from a local Council (RBG) " Yes we know this makes the road less safe for motorcycles, but we are committed to introducing more cycle lanes”. David W, Nuneaton, Yet again, these charges affect the poorer people who can't afford new cars. In my opinion battery cars are only a short term fix anyway and are not as environmentally friendly as they are made out to be Craig N, Shetland, Why not just make public transport cost effective and more convenient than using a car? I imagine though that would be 'too difficult' much easier to tax the poor motorist further. Carrot or stick and the stick is easier to administer and might be profitable too. Alan T, Poole, Why is it not compulsory for cyclists to use cycle lanes where they are provided? My local authority must have spent millions over the past 5 years putting in cycle lanes and cyclists don't use them. They just continue to use the road which has been narrowed to allow for the cycle lanes. I get infuriated with cyclists. David S, Morley, We need more help for disabled drivers I am disabled due to serving my country as a soldier and they make it impossible for me to get to shops or other places in our local cities, shame on them. Jane D, Manchester, Whilst I appreciate that my city, Manchester, is over congested, I believe we should be able to choose our mode of visiting the city, especially for the aged and less mobile. Manchester citizens reflected this when they voted some years ago not to have a congestion charge. Many bus routes in Manchester have been removed by the bus companies themselves, leaving less choice for the public. Trevor N, Skelton, Where we live a car is essential. The nearest town 8 miles away. The bus "service" is one bus per week (run by a charity). Deborah T, Leeds, Voted Tory all my life, but no more, they are liars and now bow to any minority in this country, absolutely sick to death of them!!!! Travis S, Manchester, I live in Greater Manchester and recall some years ago taking part in a referendum which rejected the proposal to create the largest charge zone anywhere. If we voted against it why is it now being imposed? what has happened to democracy? Thomas G-P, Whitland, This pensioner will be forced to give up his car. It's not possible to visit the supermarket, have Christian fellowship, company without a car in the country. Going to the recycling centre with my garden waste in a trailer will be impossible. I shall be forced to move to sheltered accommodation prematurely. I could go on. 12p Duty increase would make life difficult if not impossible. Nick N, Waterlooville, The shift towards electric vehicles is the wrong policy, the Government is putting all it's eggs into one basket(a recipe for disaster),and the emission charges and ULEZ are just another way to punish motorists, people can't afford to change their car with the present economic situation a lot of us find ourselves in. There needs to be a common sense approach done by people who know what living in the real world is like, NOT politicians. Michael S, Maidenhead, The motorist is the largest unrepresented group in Britain. We have no rights, only obligations and penalties. We're cash cows for local authorities and traffic departments, and our constitutional right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is trampled with every camera citation. We have no right of appeal except with the threat of higher penalties if we do, and we have no statutory representation at any level of government. Well done Howard Cox!!! Chris B, Chippenham, The green agenda is a worthy cause except that the deadlines are wholly unrealistic and more importantly will continue to damage our fragile economy. The false narrative is that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly. The total energy used to produce them is up to 6x more than that for a petrol vehicle.Damien G, LancingThe Goverment use global warming/climite change as an excuse to tax and make money and control people. The Fuel prices are a joke and there is no transparency. Phyllis H, Ross-on-Wye, Thank you for championing this vital campaign. I really fear for the future of this country. How can anyone really believe that the WEF would be a good idea? The trouble is that MPs are not interested in what is good for the country or the people who pay their salaries! I am ashamed of my country and it will be totally destroyed very soon. Lesley BL, Gillingham, Public transport not fit for purpose. Different rules for ages free bus passes depending where you are. Find a bus rurally!! Nonsensical inclusion of trunk roads just 'in' a ULEZ Bristol a dreadful example of that. Sends traffic into local roads/rat run issues then. Emissions of vehicles not taken into consideration-difference between Euro 5 and 6 madness. Volte face with the diesel/petrol argument as we were encouraged to go Diesel. Explain a 23p difference petrol v diesel. Euro 10 damages Ronald H, Epsom, Mayor Khan is anti motorist and is finding ways to fill the black hole in TFL finances. The amount of carbon dioxide produced building a electric car is huge and it would take years for a non compliant car to produce the same amount. Electric and Hybrid car owners will probably by 2027 have to pay to use the road as there will be very few non compaint vehicles in use and he will have to find another cash cow Richard C, Littlehampton, If Mayor Kahn was serious about reducing NOx emissions he would ban the polluting vehicles completely not charge them & allow them to continue to have the alleged negative effect on air quality. THE ULEZ IS NO MORE THAN A CASH-GRABBING TAX! Kathy G, Exeter, I feel congestion charges penalise low income families. they have no choice as cant afford electric cars and the bus service is poor and u reliable. In bristol my family have to drive to school in the city centre with 6 children. there is no school bus. its too far to cycle and there's no direct bus plus its unrealistic with 6 children. Family have to pay £200 a mo th just to get to school on top of petrol and exorbitant parking charges. Families with city school children should be exempt. Marc L, Gravesend, Keep up the good work on fighting for motorists. The only reason Sadiq Kahn is expanding the ulez zone is because he's bankrupting TFL and needs the extra revenue, he's an incompetent mayor and should be replaced. Anthony B, Brighouse, It is about time that UK Governments grasp the fact that this country at the very worst only produces 1% max of global emissions and stop persecuting the motorists. Chris B, Wellington, In a country turning to crap, the push to make us use public transport and/or stop travelling, is pushing the country onto its knees. Public transport is not affordable nor is it convenient. Anything west of Bristol you better have a car! Alex P, Kings Lynn, I'm sick and tired of these constant attacks on the motorist. I live in Norfolk and its impossible to travel around with the limited bus and train options. The government needs to stop this net zero nonsense and realise us drivers don't drive for fun it's necessity. Give us a viable alternative or stop this nastiness against motorists. Stephen T, Romford, If Sadiq Khan is really concerned about the air quality in London then why is he not including office and other hi-rise buildings with air conditioning in the ULEZ charging framework. TfL’s own figures show that office buildings with aircon produce just over 40% of the emissions he doesn’t want while motorcycles barely register on the scale. When he switches off the aircon in City Hall and opens a window I might start listening to him again….might… Steve L, Coulsdon, I’m a green badge taxi driver with an EV and it’s now more expensive to run it on electric than it is to fill it with petrol. How does that make any sense. I find myself filling it with electricity less and less. Also in the winter the heater drains the battery and in the summer the air con drains the battery. In saying that, I do love the vehicle but it’s a lot less efficient on electric. I see Howard on talk tv quite a lot. Keep up your good work mate. A random selection of comments from 125,000 real people airing their views on all things anti-driver Aspect is London's largest fleet of residen al and business property maintenance experts. Their fleet of over 200 yellow (and blue) vans are all owned by Aspect and run on diesel. The drivers are all responsible to cover their own ULEZ charges and fuel costs. The increase in fuel prices has also hit them all very hard in the pocket. Their drive me has gone up significantly because of severe conges on in London compounded by the needless expansion of ULEZ and the 20 mph zones "grinding London to a halt as a result". According to Mar n Mackie, Aspect’s Technical Manager, "If the drivers spend half their day driving, and are not able to earn, that is also impac ng on their livelihoods.”