FairFuelUK Budget 2023

Why is UK road transport and economic policy being dictated by a costly Net Zero pipe dream and an ill-informed subsidised green agenda ? Pressure Group CAR26.Org argues alongside FairFuelUK, combustion engines work better than EVs CAR26.Org is a UK-based pressure group pushing hard with FairFuelUK for cancellation of the proposed UK ban on petrol and diesel cars. Lois Perry, CAR26 Director says: “The potential drawbacks of electric cars include range anxiety for drivers who may be worried about running out of power before they can reach their destination. There are not enough charging stations or other facilities to support the widespread use of electric cars in the UK, nor adequate plans to install them, and this infrastructure gap will be a significant barrier to adoption for many consumers. Combustion engines work better than electric cars. They have a higher energy density, which means they can go further on a single tank of fuel than electric cars can on a single battery charge. They are cheaper to produce and maintain, making them more accessible to people from all walks of life, and do not require big investment when EV batteries are worn out. Also the forced adoption of EV technology for drivers, include a proven fear, electric cars will be too expensive, impractical, or inconvenient for their daily lives. I believe there’s a sinister agenda against the freedom of movement that traditional cars now deliver to Britons, by rationing travel and forcing citizens onto poor public transport. Despite these concerns, the UK government has set an ambitious almost unassailable target of phasing out all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. This will be a significant challenge, requiring a massive shift in both consumer behaviour and the infrastructure supporting the country's transportation system. And there is the little matter of the National Grid not up to spec to service millions of EVs being charged. My CAR26.Org will continue to play an important role in this debate, helping to shape public opinion and influencing the policy decisions that will determine the future of transportation in the UK. Comments from third party groups and MPs on Govt’s anti-driver policies. An angry Brian Gregory, Policy Director of the Alliance of British Drivers says: "Bluntly, we can only expect more - and increased severity of - the same patently insane policies from government and its departments that we have already experienced to date. The entire UK political establishment is ethically, economically and scientifically brain-dead. They've lashed the wheel to a course charting a glancing impact with the tungsten-sharp iceberg that is Net Zero; ripping the economic guts out of UK plc; and sinking us into a bottomless pit of terminal economic decline. They meanwhile swan about on deck, parroting Net Zero platitudes; "effectively" rearranging the recliners while China closes in on world economic dominance. This complacency is clear from a government-sponsored document which cost £5m of taxpayers' hard-earned money. It said car use reduced to 60% of 2020 levels, no domestic or foreign holiday flights or holiday cruises, & no international sea freight (= no imported goods!!); accompanied by the total destruction of UK manufacturing industry, of our wealthcreating industrial base - and also by the undeliverable electrification of EVERYTHING. That is to say, the very definition of TOTAL INSANITY. So - unless you are prepared to rise up against this undemocratically imposed tyranny, and to vigorously oppose such developments with all your political might - expect more scientifically-unsupportable (and economically damaging) speed limit reductions, more congestion-, emissions increase inducing LTNs, more CAZs, more ULEZs, and more MRGs (Mobility Restriction Ghettoes). It really is time to leverage that might to protect everything you hold dear, or forever lose it all. Vote out all the politicos who are promoting this insanity, and replace them with candidates who totally reject these reckless policies. Whatever their alternatives, they cannot be more economically-damaging in the long run than those currently being implemented. “The arbitrary proposed 2030 sales ban of new diesel and petrol vehicles is one of the Government’s nanny-state interventions to vainly try to achieve its unrealistic and hugely expensive Net Zero target. Unfortunately, this policy has no regard for our road users and will pile additional costs on to hard pressed consumers and businesses. “I welcome this report’s recommendations – particularly regarding the establishment of a Road User Consultative Group. This way our road users and taxpayers can demonstrate clearly to Government the strength of feeling and concern about their current approach.” Philip Davies Conservative MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire “I welcome the recommendations of this report that highlights the need for a viable move to clean fuels that does not impact adversely on the economy, drivers or businesses. We must also ensure that all road users are involved in the development of road transport strategy and so I particularly support the idea of a Road User Consultative Group. I urge policy makers to consider very carefully the recommendations of this well researched and informative piece of work by the Fair Fuel APPG.” James Sunderland, Conservative MP for Bracknell “My constituents are already facing big pressures on their household budgets. Now the prospect of a ban on petrol and diesel cars threatens to make driving the pastime of a privileged few. The Government urgently needs to rethink this out of touch policy, which will be bad for working families and potentially bad for the environment too.” Graham Stringer, Labour Party MP for Blackley and Broughton since 1997 “As a Minister for Transport, I argued that the ban should come into force in 2050. Which would allow petrol and diesel drivers time to adjust to a new regime or for fossil fuels to become even cleaner. The accelerated change agreed after my time in the ministry risks disadvantaging many small businesses and private car users. Notably in rural areas like the one I represent, where access to public transport is limited.” Sir John Hayes Conservative MP for South Holland and The Deepings MP Comments in FairFuel APPG Report 2021 are even more relevant https://fairfueluk.com/APPG-FFUK