FairFuelUK has fought off £30bn in TAX hikes

The award winning FairFuelUK Campaign fights for lower fuel prices at the pumps
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"Since the beginning of 2011 the FairFuelUK Campaign thanks to your support has been credited with stopping all fuel duty increases that were planned in this Parliament. May 2014 marked a historic victory for the FairFuelUK Campaign. Finally the Government admitted what FairFuelUK with your support has been telling them for the last 3 years - low fuel duty helps the wider economy. This change in attitude would not have taken place if it were not for the RHA's funding of the FairFuelUK NIESR report in 2013 and the FTA's Funding of the FairFuelUK CEBR report in the same year. Both reports clearly showed that cutting fuel duty is good for growth.

The Treasury said that GDP will rise by 0.5% because by not introducing Labour's previously planned fuel escalators, means drivers have more to spend on other things. Without myself and FairFuelUK's co-founder Howard Cox and our intense campaigning, petrol and diesel would now have been £1.60 & 1.65 respectively. We lobbied Treasury officials, ministers and MPs using economic reports from the highly respected NIESR that proved conclusively that lowering duty creates jobs, reduces inflation and raises GDP.   In 2014 we've enjoyed the lowest stable prices at the pumps for more than 3 years. The Treasury cannot go back on this huge policy change now they have had their FairFuelUK initiated wake-up call on common sense motoring taxation. High-up politicos in the Tory party have even privately told FairFuelUK that when the Coalition came to power in 2010 they had no plans to suspend 13p of Labour’s planned fuel duty rises. It's only because of the pressure from you through the campaign that we now have this historic tax U-turn. This was our victory, not the Government's."  Quentin WIllson TV and Newspaper Motoring Journalist

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Campaign Objectives
FairFuelUK, the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices, is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of taxes being levied on over 32 million road users, businesses & the haulage industry in this Parliament.  BUT the Government still takes over 60% in tax when we fill up at the pumps, we have the highest fuel duty levels in the EU and the cost of fuel directly impacts adversely on the cost of living, investment, jobs and running businesses.  We will be continuing to fight the FairFuelUK Campaign on these fronts

  • Stop any Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament. *The Campaign has achieved this objective, but the Government could still go back on their promise of a freeze in fuel duty till 2015

  • Go further and fight to Cut Fuel Duty significantly for the benefit of economic growth and what the whole nation wants – We have convinced the Govt to recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it is a growth stimulus not just a Treasury cash cow

  • Bring UK petrol and diesel to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation. Particularly important for the UK Road Haulage Industry

  • Actively demand and support the inquiries into fuel pricing transparency and oil price speculation.

  • Fight for a comparable motorist’s tax incentive for greener fuels like LPG similar to that offered to the haulage industry

  • Represent the 32m UK Road Users and their needs effectively in Westminster

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It is managed by Howard Cox and Quentin Willson. email: campaign@fairfueluk.com    
Contact and Media: Howard Cox 07515 421611
FairFuelUK, 1 Rammell Mews,Cranbrook,Kent TN17 3BQ. UK