12 © Centre for Economics and Business Research 4. Differences between current and Proposed ULEZ areas 4.1. Introduction This section compares the Proposed ULEZ are with that that was analysed in the previous section. It is heavily based on the Jacobs transport analysis for the GLA. 4.2. Geography The map in Figure 1 compares the current ULEZ area with the proposed area. Figure 1 Map showing existing ULEZ with Proposed expanded area 4.3. Size and transport patterns Table 4 is the Jacobs estimates of the impact on travel patterns as a result of the Proposed ULEZ scheme for cars and is Table 4.3 from the Jacobs report. The scale of daily current car trips into and within the Proposed extension area is an equivalent order of magnitude to those in and into the current ULEZ area at 599,000 compared with 753,000.