FairFuelUK Budget 2023

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign and Joint Secretary to the Fair Fuel APPG for Hauliers and Motorists says: “The Government is sleep-walking into an economic Armageddon which they can easily avoid. FairFuelUK’s 1.7m supporters call on Rishi Sunak to put an end to the virtue signalling and un-consulted attempt to ban new diesel and petrol cars. The 2030 cliff edge target will bankrupt the economy, destroy jobs and automotive manufacturing, break the national grid, and prevent the development of more effective clean transport choices. Maintaining the ban will condemn the Tories to be in opposition for a generation. It’s not too late to incentivise manufacturers to bring environmental change, instead of decreeing a scientifically baseless ill-informed green policy, simply to massage the Government’s political ego to lead on an equally clueless climate change world stage. This policy is patently insane when cost-effective clean air solutions supported by drivers are already here. Douglas McWilliams. Vice Chair of the Cebr says: “I’m not against electric vehicles - quite the opposite. But forcing their premature adoption has huge costs which are not covered by the environmental benefits. And the bulk of the environmental benefits are lost in any case through additional production emissions.” Richard Tice, Leader of the Reform UK Party and Broadcaster says: “This ground-breaking but shocking report proves that we have all been deeply misled. The ban on selling ICE cars from 2030 would cost some 5 times more than the notional environmental benefit. Reform UK will campaign hard from now on to scrap this ill-conceived ban which will destroy British jobs. A better win win is possible: new technology giving cleaner engines, cleaner fuel, lower emissions whilst preserving British jobs and enhancing British industry” Neil Liversidge, Chair of the Motorcycle Action Group says: “This report shows the Government’s proposal to ban the internal combustion engine is utterly misguided, even if you use the assumptions, they themselves have made, and without even getting into the environmental arguments. Millions of motorcyclists stand to lose their freedom to buy and ride a petrol machine, even though the costs of this ban are orders of magnitude greater than any possible benefits. This is economic madness, a blight on civil liberties and a clear marker to Ministers to respond, either by explaining where they think this report is wrong, or by withdrawing this misplaced and damaging ban on our right to ride petrol motorcycles." Brian Gregory, Director of the Alliance of British Drivers says: “Based entirely on Government (best case) figures and assumptions, the Cebr estimate it is 5 times more expensive in real financial terms than the theoretical savings in banning new diesel and petrol cars in only 7yrs time, that the policy is purportedly to generate. It does none of the major UK political parties any credit whatsoever, that it has taken an alliance of informed, impacted road user groups to commission an independent, objective cost-benefit analysis but still maintaining the government's own figures and reasoning at the heart of the report. It shows that the lack of any erstwhile Tory Party economic appraisal to the 2030 ban, means the Government were scared of its true outcome, that the widely respected Cebr have now exposed. At no stage has the electorate been consulted or offered any opportunity to approve or reject by for example, a referendum. This policy simply will not work and has no democratic legitimacy.” Why do UK City authorities use drivers as easy Cash Cows ? ...Continued Because they can Continued... Something insidious is happening in our cities that is restricting our freedom of mobility and choice of transport. And it's getting worse by the day. Aberdeen, Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Dundee, London, Greater Manchester, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Tyneside, Newcastle, and Gateshead all have one thing in common. The elected local politicians who run these cities have vigorously embraced a new and fast-growing money tree. An opportune, lucrative, and easy source of growing plunder to fill local authority coffers and their debt black holes. We have known for years that the environmental cultists have had it in for drivers. They would like to ban cars entirely but appear to have come to the correct conclusion that making diesel and petrol extinct is unreasonable to most people. So - with little if any consultation - a wave of national and local political schemes to make driving more expensive and complicated are coming thick and fast right across the UK. Canterbury and Oxford are now subject to a new set of anti-car restrictions - the 15-minute zone. And then there is of course, the much hated ULEZ - Ultra Low Emission Zone It's no coincidence the cities I have mentioned are mostly controlled by the impulsive green-loving SNP, Lib Dems and Let Wing Labour councillors. Political parties ignorant of - or too scared to challenge – reality that their anti-driver policies are hurting local economies, low-income families and small businesses. More councillors and city mayors are jumping on a fashionable bandwagon to fleece millions of pounds from the UK's cash cow - hard-pressed already highly taxed drivers.