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PLEASE help to support the FairFuelUK Campaign's fight on your behalf to get Westminster to listen to common sense.

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FairFuelUK is managed by a small and highly committed team of people lead by popular Motoring Journalist and TV Broadcaster Quentin Willson and the Campaign's Founder Howard Cox. They campaign tirelessly to reduce the price of all vehicle fuels for 37m road users and for the benefit of the UK economy. Its funding is based on support from key backers the FTA, RHA and APN and any regular donations from supporters and those businesses who so depend on fuel to run their operations. To get the Government to reduce fuel duty in future Treasury Budgets and for debating fairer taxation levels for all UK road users the FairFuelUK campaign needs to be financed at the best possible level.  And that's why we need your support and, if you can, help with funding too.

Buy the FairFuelUK 2018 Campaign Calendar

FairFuelUK A3 Calendar for 2018  Take a look at every month's page

Images of Fuel and Motoring Memorabilia - All proceeds from sales of this calendar will go to the FairFuelUK Campaign to continue to fight for a better deal for 37m UK drivers. 12 high quality "Deja Vu" images, one for each month from the fabulous 'Old Airport Garage Museum' at Rochester Airport in Kent. Antique petrol pumps, cans and promotional signs will take you back to a gentler time when driving was fun.   £14.99 plus Postage and Packaging . Now discounted to £13.00 plus Postage and Packaging.

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"My husband is delighted with the calendar. The quality is amazing and I had a good laugh at the January picture….. Hubby is well into WW@ so he thought the picture amazing. Sadly the bowser wasn’t able to refuel a WW2 aircraft… never mind. He is going to have a fun year as each picture brings back motoring memories for both of us, especially the oil dispensers. Happy times !!" MG

"What a fabulous nostalgic calendar. Love it." VP

"Looked through every page. When finished I will cut out my favourite months and put in picture frames for my office. well done FairFuel." JAC

New Stickers for 2018

Vehicle Window Stickers - New design for 2018

One FairFuelUK combined Sticker Set comprises: 1x 210mm x 100mm Rectangular Window Sticker + 1x 100 mm circular sticker. The Rectangular Window Sticker is also available separately whereas the circular sticker is only available when purchased with the rectangular sticker. Postage and packaging for the combined sticker set is £1.00 and for the Rectangular Window Sticker, 95 pence
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Launched in January 2011 with the support of funding backers the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association, and more recently the Association of Pallet Networks, FairFuelUK is the award winning Public Affairs Campaign that fights on your behalf for lower fuel duty and fairer more transparent pricing at the pumps. FairFuelUK with its 1.5m supporters growing by the day has fought off £100bn in FUEL TAX hikes since 2011. Pump prices would be 16 to 20 pence more if it was not for the FairFuelUK Campaign. But with oil prices at historic lows and set to stay that way for years to come the Government is disingenuously taking proportionally more and more in tax from consumers.

FairFuelUK is managed by its original Founder Howard Cox and popular TV Broadcaster and Motoring Journalist, Quentin Willson 

Contact and Media:  Howard Cox 07515 421611  
FairFuelUK Office, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3BQ. UK

The FairFuelUK Website is under complete redesign. Full content, blog and background information will be restored by July 2018