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Air Quality Survey March 2018

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Please help us to stop these Politicos dictating what we will drive, where we can drive and how much we will pay to drive for years to come.

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Sadiq Khan - Mayor of London
Michael Gove - Environment Minister
Chris Grayling - Transport Minister
Philip Hammond - Chancellor


There’s hardly a week goes by, principally through biased and ill-informed reporting, that millions of motorists, van drivers and hauliers are not blamed for poor air quality. This continued demonisation of the commercial and community heartbeat of our nation has devalued vehicles and is cunningly orchestrated by Green Political Lobbying groups.

These opportunists are distorting already flawed health data, to influence our elected politicians and the Government in favour of their own dishonest agenda. Sadly, this substantially financed bullying has resulted in our Government issuing ill-thought out diktats showing just how clueless they are to meet critical clean air targets, without penalising blameless drivers.

Let’s be unequivocally clear, all drivers without exception, want clean air to breathe. BUT Sadly, the only draconian solutions put forward from our local authorities, the Mayor of London and the Department of Environment are to tax, ban, restrict vehicle movement, hike parking charges and dishonestly alongside all of that, are cutting public transport services too. Go figure!

Because of massive support from FairFuelUK from across the whole country, we are planning to ask Ministers, Michael Gove (Environment), Chris Grayling (Transport), Philip Hammond (HM Treasury) and the Prime Minister, Theresa May to answer the question being championed by millions of drivers across the UK:

Why is the Dept of Environment and Department for Transport ignoring and not recommending, or even putting into legislation, the implementation of effective proven ways to lower vehicle emissions. These practical solutions are here now. Favouring instead, hitting hard working families, motorists, van drivers and the haulage industry harshly with a quick and easy cash grab. The irony is not lost on all of us, Sadiq Khan is hell bent on fleecing our hard-earned pockets, rather than banning the most polluting vehicles. This clearly shows he is encouraging a ‘pay to pollute’ policy simply to raise revenue for his Mayoral coffers. No one is challenging him or the Government’s ham-fistedness in the need to improve our air-quality. That is, until now. And that’s where we need your input, support and energy.

We have passed the point of objective and honest campaigning. No one is listening to us! Not our words but an accurate précis of thousands of FairFuelUK Supporters communiques, frustrated at the decades of negative treatment towards 37m UK motorists, van drivers and hauliers. Can they be ignored yet again, and again and again? It seems they will be unless we act!

Why are hardworking, tax paying honest people so angry? Simple, there is no cogent long-term roads transport strategic plan in place from our Government that will give any confidence to opportunistic environmentalists, and the more important commercial heartbeat of the economy, our tax paying businesses and drivers. No joined-up thinking, just awkward disparate policies designed to appease minority activists who are hell bent on destroying 37m drivers and their freedom of movement and for the Government to realise as much tax revenue as possible.

Please complete our critical driver’s poll.
The results of this poll and its magnitude of response will be delivered to the salient Government Ministers and the media. It really is time to stand up for drivers across the UK, before more draconian policies are inflicted on all of us for the sake of ‘looking green’ but at the same time not improving air quality.

Now please complete the survey

We are a public affairs team with no shareholders to satisfy, just an award winning campaign representing the real concerns of hard working motorists, families, small businesses, commercial drivers and hauliers across the UK. Decades of fiscal exploitation by successive Governments with little in return warrants the need for FairFuelUK.

Since 2010 FairFuelUK has saved drivers over £100bn in planned tax hikes in duty and VAT through constructive and objective campaigning. Now the immediate focus is on stopping those unnecessary tax hikes based on a good intentioned but flawed 'green' agenda. These include new taxes and bans on drivers entering our major cities and potentially adding more costs on diesel drivers by the Treasury. These are new taxes that will not improve air quality, but simply hit consumers and the economy. There are ways to improve air quality without hitting consumers pockets.
Launched in January 2011 with the support of funding backers the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association, and more recently the Association of Pallet Networks, FairFuelUK is the award winning Public Affairs Campaign that fights on your behalf for lower fuel duty and fairer more transparent pricing at the pumps. FairFuelUK with its 1.4m supporters growing by the day has fought off £100bn in FUEL TAX hikes since 2011. Pump prices would be 16 to 20 pence more if it was not for the FairFuelUK Campaign. But with oil prices at historic lows and set to stay that way for years to come the Government is disingenuously taking proportionally more and more in tax from consumers.

FairFuelUK is managed by its original Founder Howard Cox and popular TV Broadcaster and Motoring Journalist, Quentin Willson 

Contact and Media:  Howard Cox 07515 421611  
FairFuelUK Office, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3BQ. UK

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