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Why 37m UK Drivers, 81% of the electorate and the nation's economy need your support. Please help our Legal Challenge.

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For way too long, UK motorists have had to pay the highest fuel taxes in the world, put up with huge congestion, third world condition roads and now, the threat of our major cities inflicting toxic charges on medium aged vehicles.  Every aspect of our economy is reliant on an efficient road transport infrastructure with 93% of our Nation’s journeys taking place on roads and only 7% by train! Motoring organisations and associations have done nothing to arrest the demonisation and devaluation of diesel vehicles or the threat of additional tax hikes on all vehicles. 

FairFuelUK since 2011 has stopped over £100 billion in fuel tax hikes.  So, we are now putting the same campaigning energy and efforts to fight the unlawful, unwarranted and unfair tax hikes on 37m UK drivers

We need your help.
Without it, your cost of driving and restrictions of movement will be increased significantly

1. Please make a donation and help to fund our legal challenge against the Mayor of London to make him see sense and reverse the implementation of a cash grabbing unwarranted ‘T-Charge’ on hard working drivers.

2. We also want to get the Prime Minister to set up an Independent Public Inquiry to fairly investigate other more effective ways to improve Air Quality in all our UK Cities instead of knee jerk ineffective tax hikes.

ALL DRIVERS WANT TO IMPROVE AIR QUALITY! But it's wrong they are being demonised and penalised for being responsible for less than 20% of emissions generated.

Please donate through CrowdJustice Funding
Launched in January 2011 with the support of funding backers the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association, and more recently the Association of Pallet Networks, FairFuelUK is the award winning Public Affairs Campaign that fights on your behalf for lower fuel duty and fairer more transparent pricing at the pumps. FairFuelUK with its 1.4m supporters growing by the day has fought off £100bn in FUEL TAX hikes since 2011. Pump prices would be 16 to 20 pence more if it was not for the FairFuelUK Campaign. But with oil prices at historic lows and set to stay that way for years to come the Government is disingenuously taking proportionally more and more in tax from consumers.

FairFuelUK is managed by its original Founder Howard Cox and popular TV Broadcaster and Motoring Journalist, Quentin Willson 

Contact and Media:  Howard Cox 07515 421611  
FairFuelUK Office, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3BQ. UK

The FairFuelUK Website is under complete redesign. Full content, blog and background information will be restored shortly